We live in 21st century and here the people revolve around the new technologies and the believe in the modern thinking and its society.

But what we lack from earlier to todays generation that earlier the less technologies but more humanity but now we are either dependent on people or the technologies.

Here you will get the true meaning of the sad reality of our modern society, which depicts and portrays what our modern society is conveying. Each pictures have and portrays different meaning and which will show you the perfect illustration of today’s realty.

Teachers develops you

Modern society has always conveyed the true meaning of today’s reality, and they give us the message of humanity in nature. But when it comes to reality,here we are still stuck in orthodox minds and the sad reality of our nature. Teacher are our second parents and the only person who molds us and give a perfect structure to face the real world. But a good teacher always appreciates you for its creativity.

Parents protects you

Parents are the only one which molds us and show us the . Well words can destroy but even the fake sweetness can slowly destroy you.

When mobile wins the race

Where technologies have taken all over the place and the world is dependent on this, which takes our time and money. Here we should be bound to knowledge but we are addicted to the new technique. Our brain activity is now revolves around mobile phone who not only make us lazy but also make our life much easier. As they are one bad habit which should be prohibited.

Knowledge is power

The proverb says,money can’t buy happiness and it can’t even buy you knowledge. Because knowledge is power and without knowledge you can’t convey the perfect message. Either good or bad, it.all depends on our upbringing and our knowledge.

When you compare

We live in 21St century and we are never happy with our choices. We always question our beliefs and our choices. Even the rich and poor people always complain about everything. Where the poor is wanting to live the rich life and rich is wanting to have their own child. Even money can’t buy happiness.

Social media is in your blood

Social media is one slow killer that not only destroy us but also makes our life worse. We take this pill everyday and it gets injected in our life and the only thing which is in our blood.

Everything you do for stardom

Modern world has always shows that we people lack in humanity. If one person is suffering from such loss, where we prefer to show it to the world by posting it. People should convey the message of humanity nad peace,where people should help others in through sickness and other things. But we are rather busy in social media.

Security for yourself

soldiers are the only who protects the country, and they don’t care about their security because for them their first motive is to protect the people. They don’t even prefer to enjoy or secure their lives. They believe in sacrifice themselves. And still we complain and are not happy with our choices.

Source : Genmice