Historically, Hollywood-produced films have received support from many people. Hollywood movies are incredible and unbelievably perfect. We always believe in professional filmmakers and watch their movies. However, no one is perfect in this world. If we pay a little attention, we will discover many errors in an interesting way. We collected 10 major errors discovered through Hollywood’s epic movies.

Brand peeking out

If you are a Pirates of the Caribbean fan you probably have noticed this if you happen to pause it at the right time. The Addidas tag in Captain Jack sparrow’s headgear has not gone unnoticed.

What’s missing?

There is always some minute things that go unnoticed. In this case, Captian Robau flaunts his Starfleet badge but that slips away when he takes a seat.

That’s not how gravity works

Did you notice that this scientist’s hair is in place defying the fact that she is in a spaceship where there is zero gravity? You’re welcome!

Look, Airplane!

So, they really did not notice a big plane hovering above Brad’s head while giving the finishing touch to the movie. How did they have aeroplanes back in the day when there were only kings and queens?

The worker’s acting

Well, it is not always the main character that has to act well, this worker behind was not even touching the ground with the broom in his hand. He tried his best to look casual but the camera caught the mishap!

Lord of watches?

Well, Gandalf is clearly obsessed with wearing a watch at all times, that he forgot to take out for the scene. Well, now he will be called “Lord of the watches.”

Mirror mirror says it all!

So, in this scene, the car windshield gives away behind the scenes. You can see the mic held up just outside the car while the scene was m=being shot with Christen Stewart.

She was wired!

Most people are unaware of the fact that the actors in the movie wear little mics which are wired in their attire so that we won’t be able to see. In this scene, we can clearly see Christen wearing a wire inside her Jeans.

Croissant or pancake?

In this scene, Julia is seen eating a croissant but then it is replaced with a pancake in the next shot. Or did she finish the croissant while filming and they didn’t want to spend on another croissant so they gave her a pancake to hold instead?

Flash light in the Titanic

When the Titanic starts to sink, in one scene where the couple tries to get out of there, there is a flashlight and a camera seen in the background.

Do you feel interesting? If you are not a meticulous person you will not be able to discover them. However, these films are still very successful and attractive after all. We will still support filmmakers to create other great works.