Our body language says everything even if you like someone or not, even your behavior towards others and even if you are interested in them says it all. These body languages play an important role in our daily communication with the world. Here are 10 facts that describe the difference between the body language of an individual which will tell you that if someone is interested in you or not.


The first meeting is the main thing where you can just describe others attitude just by shaking hands or judging their attitude towards that and it definitely says about their personality.

Sight Head Movements

If she likes you then she will definitely show it by her body languages where if she is interested in your conversation than she will slight her head movements.


If a girl likes you then she will show it by blushing and deeply smiling that she is interested in you and you just have to guess it right.


Some people are very rude at their first meeting so stay away from them because that person just wants to show you your place.

Face Analysis

If someone is interested in you then they will definitely show it to their face like if they are showing their excitement meeting other or smiling shyly than it says they are interested in you.

The Behaviour Of The Couple

The behavior of both man and woman where if he is showing dominant attitude than he is interested in you and if she is behaving like fragile and tender than she is interested in you.

Hand Analysis

Hand movements and some gestures can describe everything like if a man is putting his hand inside his waistband than he is showing interest and if she is clutching her handbag that she is interested in you.


If she is sitting close to you than it is definitely described that she likes you but she is cringing away from you then she is not giving you any interest.

Behaviour Through Eyes

Eyes have deep emotions and it shows various feelings but by rolling her eyes numerous times it only means that she is really not interested in you but if she is looking deep into your eyes than she really wants you.


Sometimes eyebrows show various emotions like if they have one raised eyebrow then that clearly shows she is judging you and if she has relaxed one then you are fine as wine.

Source: Bloggersarena.