People often stereotype beauty with many unrealistic expectations and not everyone is the same and people are beautiful in their own unique way. When you stereotype thin girls to be the epitome of a figure or the gorgeous type, you neglect the people who are healthy and curvier and they are as attractive as the people who are skinny. You even stereotype the other way around which is just as bad as the first one. Your opinion is not what your preferences are, you are not the one to judge, who is better or who is worse. The society is indeed a very harsh on people sometimes but that doesn’t stop women to get out there and prove them wrong by accepting as you are and flaunting what you are, because you are unique and people will eventually follow you as they love people who are comfortable in their own body, it makes people around you comfortable too and this reflects your positive personality towards life which inspires many…

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is really a strong personality and is known to voice her opinion and she does it with her dressing too. Tiegen is surely flaunting this black high slit dress that looks awesome on her gorgeous body!


Rihanna is a goddess of a personality. She has won lots of hearts because of her singing and her rebellious yet elegant personality that she shows off quite often with her unique attires. This one with the fur is so perfect for her body type!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a singer and an actress. She possesses both of these amazing qualities that define her personality which she doesn’t fail to express by her style. This is attire is an amazing evening gown which enhances her curvy body!


Beyonce is the pop star of the generation. She has already won many hearts over the time with her amazing singing voice and her song hits which list to no. 1. , Her dressing has always been praised and criticized as well but her dressing sense has always amazed all.

Alessandra Ambrosio

The Brazillian model/ actress has already a huge fan following for her looks and is famous on social media. The talented lady has a lot to do contribute to the industry and she is on the journey to making it right up to the top!

Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family fame has already garnered a huge fan following because of her contribution to the show, the latina is known to be the epitome of beauty with her perfect facial features and even a body that has curves that could allure anyone. She definitely pulled off this fishtail dress beautifully!

Madison Beer

Madison Beer is more of a social media celeb who has garnered a huge fan following through social media and she was even noticed first on YouTube through one of her singing videos.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian clan is well known for their curves and trends and they are the family that is the most social family ever on the internet. Everything they say or do is news and everyone follow them for the same. Kim is the lead, everyone in her family has garnered attention because they are related to her. Any simple dress like this neutral colored one looks perfect on her curvy body!

Rita Ora

Rita Ora is one of the famous pop stars of the generation and she has impressed many by both her singing and her acting. She is even known for wearing controversial attires. Being a famous m=personality like that people often criticize you but Rita has faced them with all with style.

Kylie Jenner

Last but not the sourceleast, Kylie Jenner claims that she is a self-made millionaire and the 20-year-old girl is famous on social media and runs her cosmetic line so well. She is a controversial personality indeed but her gorgeous face is not all that she has, she even flaunts her curves beautifully!

Source: genmice