In a relationship, it is not always full of happiness. There are times when your relationship falls into a deadlock and there is no common voice. You will have a time to quarrel and get angry at each other. This is everyone’s experience. When your relationship gets worse, what you need to do is not give up all. You should calm down and listen, trying to solve the problem. So your relationship will last. You need to pay more attention to your lover. In particular, the body language will show you many things. You can find out: Does he still love you? Has he changed? Read the article for more actions.

Constant gaze in the eyes

If you’re in love and want to know that the same person has mutual feelings then the person would try to gaze into your eyes just to get your attention.

Angle of the body will turn towards you

This must be another sign that if she turns towards you or her feet is pointing towards you while you’re talking then this one signs that she likes you.

He would be comfortable enough to talk to you

It’s a man motive that if he leans or rest his arm beside you being too comfortable to talk to you, and making sure for himself to look taller and stronger to protect you might be another type.

He would try to impress you

When in a group or being with her also, you will try very hard to impress her so that you can get her attention and the only way to stand out from the crowd.

A man would show his wide smile when around you

Men smile and laugh around his gang and it is very rare for men to be comfortable and smile widely around you for no reason. And if he does this then it would be another sign.

Problems in paradise

Well, in every relationship, you face ups and downs but if you see a sudden change in your partner’s behaviour, for example, their constant change, mood swings, doesn’t make eye contact with you, always look away from you when you’re talking then they have probably lost interest in you.

When he or she is being formal

Well, this might even be much weirder, if he or she tries to act formal being around you. When they try to avoid you, also if he is sleeping away from you that might another sign of losing interest.

When she ignores you

Losing interest might be the reason but if he or she tries acting weird and even ignore you in most of the conversation, will be a significant sign that they are most probably getting over you.

Well, if he tries to touch you

Touching might be sometimes inappropriate but if he tries to touch you, and certain hand gestures to make you feel comfortable and also some sort of signs with his light but unusual gaze and touch that he is interested in you.

When compromise is not everything

A good relationship is a relationship built on mutual trust. You need empathy and sharing from the difficulties encountered. If your lover is unreasonably angry with you, consider him again. You need to find a way to preserve your relationship. If he hates you, give him up because he no longer loves you. There is no need to regret because everyone has the right to happiness. He is not your true happiness. I hope this article was helpful to you. Thanks for following the article.

Source : Tinhtam