Beauty is defined in many ways… qualities, looks, color and many other things, but as the saying goes, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, and everyone is beautiful in their own ways. These gorgeous ladies are a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, that pleases the creative senses, and sight. These are the countries with the most beautiful women in the world.


Russia is known for its power and the women are a great example of it. Unlike other women, Russian women are more strong and dominating which makes them look more attractive.


Turkish women have the most amazing skin and eyes. Their features are what makes them appear more attractive. No man can resist the beauty of this kind!


The American people are up for opportunities and they don’t really sit around a good opportunity. The women in the U.S are sporty and they have a way of charming people which always works.


Well, well, well, the perfect Australian beauty, Margot Robbie lived by the beaches. They have an irresistible accent that attracts anyone towards them.


Indian beauties are pretty and beautiful. The mostly have sharp features and are more soft-spoken and shy than the other women. They are often, down to earth personalities.

The United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom is known for its manners and etiquettes. The women of the country behave lady-like, smart and elegant. They often have amazing cheekbones and they are confident enough in what they choose to do.


Brazilians are known to be the most attractive women and that is because of the harsh sun. The tan on their body is just mesmerizing and attracts people towards them.

South Korea

South Korea is known for its weird traditions but they are also known for the cutest and the prettiest women. They are quite intresting and their features are different from the rest.


The women in Denmark are known for their gorgeousness. Their cheekbones and their string personalities make them look stronger. They are also known as the wives of Vikings, which explains their powerful personality.


The exotic natural and gorgeous beauty, Columbian women are the ones people turn heads for. Sofia Vergara is the perfect example of the gorgeousness. The tan makes them look more attractive.

Source: Bloggersarena