There are many men who are known for their handsome face that can easily make any women shout out for them. Well, women know more about male beauty than men and they have different perception towards them. So here we have selected 10 different countries where women from these countries have selected their epitome of male beauties.


That time is gone when men used to look thin and have military cut hairstyle because now women feel attracted towards men who have broad shoulders, bulging muscles, toned physique, and bearded look. Their dress code should be elegant suits or jeans with flannel shirts and boots that can attract any women.


Brazilian men are an epitome of beauty as their bearded face with piercing blue eyes can easily make any women go weak on their knees and lead them to have butterflies in their stomach. And those who have these kinds of looks are guaranteed to attract many female populations.


We have seen many Bollywood movies where the idea of male beauty is different. The true Indian male beauty is a macho man who applies gel every day with regular small stubble which completes his beauty.


Sweden is known for its beauty. Swedish men have slender physiques with a hunk type look as they have pale skin with blonde hair which completes their look.


They have a lyrical beauty that we always get to see in an Italian romantic hero. Their idea of male beauty is extremely well-groomed men who like to keep their beard with gloss hair.


They have natural beauty and their charm can easily make the female population bat their eyelashes and bite their lips. They are always freshly dressed and often have light stubble or short beards that looks very neat and tidy.


Thanks to the Korean dramas all the females are left crushing for them. Their Asian looks were they have smooth skin and symmetrical face can easily attract many a crowd.


They are very popular with their clean shaven looks or small stubble looks. And for modern British guys to sweep a girl off her feet is by displaying their body tattoos which never seizes to impress the women.


They don’t have to do anything or put any effort to impress any women because they are known for their godly handsome looks. Their manly features with light eyes and slim tanned bodies fit the profile of a Greek god.


They take good care of their appearance that can teach anyone to maintain their male beauty. They have very simple rules that they follow like going to the gym, changing their shape and they have a very cool look.

Source: Bloggersarena.