There are many people who have broken the stereotypes of society by marrying the one they love. These famous celebs not only surprised us but also the people who judged them in every aspect of their life. So here we have listed some celebs whose unconventional love story made headlines.

Vincent Cassel And Tina Kunaki

Tina is 31 years younger to Vincent Cassel yet this strange couple hooked and hitched together completely ignoring the world’s judgment. The couple has a major age difference and Tina being young plus unknown to the world whereas Vincent being famous had already made the world question their relationship status, yet they are standing strong ignoring the ire of the people by planning to have children.

The Mountain And Kelsey Henson

The game of Thrones actor’s height is 6 foot tall where he is called as the mountain man from the series yet he married the girl who just reaches his chest. They both met at a bar where she was working and he was fighting, soon sparked flew between them. The couple’s love story had already gained attention and people are loving their chemistry.

Mark Zuckerberg And Priscilla Chan

This couple met at a friend’s party and hit it off pretty closely. Mark and Priscilla’s story started with a friendship and went on to become a strange love story. He became famous and build his dreams while she supported him and stood by his side, where they also went on through various struggles in life yet they chose to stay with each other.

Hugh Jackman And Deborra Lee Furness

She was being called lucky to have a man like him as Hugh is 13 years younger to her. Famous tabloids tried everything to damage their relationship with fake news yet their relationship stood stronger. Hugh confesses that it’s not her who is lucky but him to have her in his life as he feels he is still crazy in love with her.

Aaron Taylor Johnson and Sam Taylor Johnson

He is 23 years junior to his wife and she is a very famous and successful director in recent times. Their relationship started after working with each other but critics slammed their love life because of their age gap. This couple went through so many rough patches in life yet their relationship grew stronger and now they are happy with two kids.

Peter Dinklage And Erica Smith

He needs no introduction because he already earned his name through a famous series game of thrones. He may be famous on his role but people started talking about his married life and about his wife who looks taller than him. They both met in 1995 and remained friends until love eventually followed them and now they are happily married with a kid.

Liv Tyler And Dave Gardner

If not age then height matters to them as people are so judge-able that they will not hold back in commenting about others love life. Liv is quite taller than her husband Dave yet she never stops wearing high heels as they proved everyone that their level of love is well balanced that they don’t need height issues to convinced others.

Sacha Baron And Isla Fisher

Both have the same genre yet lived in a different world where they had faced many issues but still, they both fell hard for each other. She made a choice by converting herself to Judaism and he involved himself in her charity work. They both went on to convince themselves that they are meant to be one and now they are happily married.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

When the news came that the eligible bachelor Prince Harry is going to marry the suits actress, people started criticizing them. Meghan was a divorcee and he was a prince, they both came from a different universe yet love found them. This royal couple convinced the world that they are made for each other and now they are happily married expecting their first baby.

Emmanuel Macron And Brigette Trogneux

He is a French president where she is just a normal woman whom he met her at his school when he was a mere 15 while she was a 40-year-old teacher. Like old school romance, he was head over heels in love with her and promised her to marry him when he becomes mature. Well, many would have broken they’re promised but he kept his promise and married her completely surprising everyone.

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