Those were the days when all our best moments used to be completely drenched in our memories and we used to relive it moment by moment. But the present generation doesn’t believe much in the old world charm. What it is interested in is the beauty of instant, all things fast and pacy. This comes as no surprise that all the memories nowadays are captured on phone and shared immediately. It has its perks too a phone camera can catch anyone unaware and put people in a spot.

Arnold with the ladies

This is such a rare picture. Arnold looks stunning with the gorgeous ladies around him while he is showing off his awesome body.

That’s just rude

Expressing our emotions with our actions is something that we all do. We would never think of doing something like this in public though. This picture is hilarious.

Look closely

Seriously? Is this guy lost it? Is he aware that the pipe isn’t attached to the petrol thingy? This is sheer foolishness.

The party scenes

This is the actual representation of a party. This guy got so high that he thought he was a pole dancer and showed some of his skills there. Hope he didn’t fall!


This woman looks so gorgeous! But is this the right time and place for a photoshoot? Well, I think she is lost from the whole crowd. He should go to the other side.

Who does this?

This is so cute. I wonder what would happen if I literally see this in public. I would be so amazed and happy that they came up with such uniqueness rather than laugh at it.

This kid really has big dreams

The same, kid! I wish life was as simple as this wish. Imagine this kid growing up obsessed with hats. Awesome isn’t it!

The news

The father actually doesn’t mind to get this gift. At least he doesn’t have to pay to look after the child. A happy father, who is not a father.

Well, it is!

This was surely written by someone who was called this at least once. Writing this up means that the stupid accepts that he is one.


The girls around are surely jealous of the girl in between thinking about her assets. If only…they had the same attractive sets!

Source: Bloggersarena.