We have seen many people trying to copy famous personalities and sometimes our stars also copy other celebs and there the media will debate over the fact that who wore it better and who won this game of comparison. Well, when it comes to comparing other people we start judging them and their choice and here we have collected a bundle of images that need your serious attention as they are bound to make you laugh with their fashion choices as they are being compared with stuff that is hilarious to watch.

The Teacher Or The Marker

I bet they never thought that it was literally a coincidence that the teacher had the same outfit as well as the marker.

Simpson Or the Girl

This girl never thought that she would instantly gain fame not with her alluring pose but with her similarities with Simpson.

Heidi Or The Car Washer

Heidi Klum is known for her spellbound acting and fashion sense had a teary-eyed moment when she found her long lost twin in car washer.

Nicki Or He Man

Nicki likes to surprise everyone with her style statement but this time she thought of imitating a cartoon character.

Justin Timberlake Or instant Noodles

The heartthrob of Hollywood who had a series of style stance that changed year by year but this picture is still in our mind because of the reference with the noodles.

Lady Gaga Or This Stand

Lady Gaga is known for her quirky fashion style and no one can’t beat her in the weird fashion sense but it seems she took the challenge for herself to copy the street light post.

They Both Look The Same

Scary as it looks but we are still amazed that both the images look exactly the same and because of the sweat on her top the expression of the monster is also same.

Model Vs Homeless

We can’t judge it that who wore it better because both are looking the same but the homeless guy looks more like a model.

Matching A Phone Case

Did you just copy my phone case style? Well, it seems like a coincidence happens or we say this is really a small world that coincidence appears anywhere.

It Seems Like We are Doppelgangers

This guy who just had a matching outfit and it just only matched with not a person but with the tissue paper. Well, we are finding it hard to chuckle because of the same look of that guy.

Source: Bloggersarena.