Well reading this title we always think maybe will get to see the places and their difference but in reality, it is exactly the opposite of that and you will be amazed to find the difference between this two countries. We have collected a series of images that show the inside details of both the countries and what you are going to sign inside this country so its kind of warning to you and let’s have a look into it.


Spiders that look so small in Britain but in Australia the size of the spider is as big as the dangerous species in the deep forest.


Well there are half a dozen people who love snakes and they keep them as a pet but in Australia, the snakes are so scary and big that can even eat big animals.


Well, this is something we were not expecting and it looks so big like a crocodile one can only say that we are happy with our small lizard.

Animals On The Street

Swans in Britain are so rebellious that they are harming people but it seems like Australia is not far behind as they have Crocodile who is strolling down the street.

Animal Strikes

Animals in Britain are so scary like Squirrels who are harming people by biting them but Australian animals are really bit scarier as they were trying to harm the dog’s life.

Animals blocking

It’s not a big issue that animals are roaming the road but in Britain, animals are blocking it by sitting in the middle of the road making it impossible for a passerby to cross the road with their vehicles and in Australia, the image shows the time when natural calamities came damage not only the place but also the water bodies living behind sea creatures.

Catching A Fish

This is how we catch a fish but it seems like Australians knows better ways to catch a fish and not only a fish but a big one.


Well people feel weird that there is a spider in the toilet pot but in Australia, people have to be more alert because you never know when the snakes going to pop out of your toilet.

Raging Animals

That is why there is a line which says that you should keep animals out of human life because humans can’t tolerate the rage of an Animals as most people likes to harm the creatures.


Animals are sometimes funny like Seagulls in Britain loves to snatch foods from the people and A big fish in Australia is trying to snatch a caught fish from the man.

Source: Bloggersarena.