If we twist these everyday things that we use, it can be much more useful. The compilation included all the things that were used in the same old fashion but now is used in a unique way, which saves time. This is an efficient way that people could use. Actually, everyone should adopt these genius ideas, if you love efficiency.

Handicapped Park

This park for the handicapped is the best way to have fun for the handicaps. We don’t realize that the children who are handicapped also need to have fun.

The lines

These lines help you park perfectly because you cannot see on the ground while parking. These lines go up the wall to guide you to park.

The best shop

This is what every shop should adopt. Not everyone needs an assistant while shopping, so the ones who want to be left alone can use the black cart!

The use of foot to flush

No one likes to touch the flush button on the public toilets. This invention should be adopted by all. This is so much more hygienic.

3D Printed cast

So, the next time you want to shower with your plaster on. Think of this efficient way of using a 3D printed cast which won’t melt in the water.

Rubix Cube for the blind

Why should normal people have all the fun? The blind who cannot see the colours can also solve the Rubix cube with the help of shapes.

Wash your hands into the flush

This technique is not only amazing, but it also saves water. Which is why this should be adopted by everyone. Imagine the amount of water that would be saved!

To prevent running

This unique design of the floor prevents people to run down the hallway. An amazing sight to watch, when people realize this floor is actually flat.

A good way to segregate

This Airport in Atlanta has designed its bathroom such so that the people would know which stall is in use and which ones are available.

Good way to get rid of strangers

Every club should have this so that the next time if a girl is dealing with something, she could use help from the staff. Angela will help you!

Source: Bloggersarena