There are many harmless habits which might unknowingly be hurting your body that we feel its time we should unearth the information that is the main cause for your bad health. So here we have listed some habits that are natural to the people but unnatural to our human body so let’s try to get more information about these habits.


The important function of sneezing is to release bacteria, viruses, and other dust particles through your mouth and nose. And if you try to stifle your sneeze then it will hurt your hearing aid that leads to blood pressure and even damaging your esophagus.


We always clean our tooth with the toothpicks but the dentist had suggested avoiding these as it might hurt your gums. The most possible way to clean your tooth is by using dental floss that is suggestive and harmless.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping in this position may only cause your health problem whereas your breathing becomes hard and your neck will have an unnatural position. Doctors suggested that you should sleep with your back on so that it will not hurt your neck while sleeping but with a front face you might get the early stage of constant wrinkles.

Chewing Objects

There are people who love to chew on pens, pencil, and any solid objects they usually have with them. They are unaware of the fact that chewing solid objects might cause you infection as their harmless habit might be harmful to them.

Blocking Nature’s Call

All doctors agree that we shouldn’t keep the bladder call in it because it might lead you to hospital. People are so engrossed in their day to day life that they forget about their health problem, well postponing our nature call will not only injure your urinary muscles but it can also lead to infection and constipation.

Hot Shower

If you think that washing your hair with hot water will make your hair look beautiful then we are sorry to say this but this may only damage your hair further. Its high time you stop believing facts and start taking a regular normal shower because hot water can cause you harmless headache and dizziness while regular showers will calm your mind.

Reading Position

If you think reading a book with your bed position is harmless then you are certainly wrong as there are rules to follow while reading the book and you don’t want to hurt your spinal cord. 1. Keep the book afar from you. 2. read in a sitting position and never lie on your belly that may damage your spinal cord.


A scientist had conducted research where they suggested that people who have the habit of whispering a lot might lead to vocal cord problem in the future. It may look harmless for the one who has lots of gossips to share yet harmful for their vocal cord.

Using Phone Inside Your Toilet

People have these habit of taking their phones, books, or newspaper inside the loo so that they don’t feel bored while sitting there. But things have come to our notice that this harmless habit might increase the pressure in your veins and also spread bacteria.

Cotton Swab In Inner Sensitive Areas

Usage of a cotton swab inside your ears and nose might cause a serious problem like bleeding, infection, and swellings etc. Doctors suggest being careful when you are using a cotton swab on the sensitive area as it may cause you an injury that you might need to land yourself inside the hospital.

Source: Bloggersarena