The great poet William Shakespeare described jealousy as “the green-eyed monster.” And the even greater poet, Drake, described jealousy as “love and hate at the same time.” If Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be jealous of Drake, because Drake’s description is way better. I mean, come on, “green-eyed monster”? What? Nobody knows what the hell that means. Step your game up, Shakespeare.

We all get jealous sometimes. We get jealous of rich people, with their expensive cars, houses and clothes. We get jealous of attractive people, with their perfect bodies. We get jealous of funny people, with their witty sense of humor. We get jealous of other people’s spouses, if we know they’d be much happier with us, Blake Lively – what are you doing wasting your life with Ryan Reynolds?! HE’S SUCH A LOSER!

Anyway, we all get envious, but it still sucks when your salty reaction is captured on camera. Here are 10 hilarious photos of people who got caught with a face full of jelly:

1. Girlfriend envy

One man has a lady friend. Four men (and one boy) wish they did.

2. Puppy envy

The guy in the background really wishes he would have sprung for a cute puppy right now, instead of a World of Warcraft subscription.

3. Food envy

“Really? She gets a burger, but all I get is turkey stick-flavored Gerber’s? That is seriously unfair, Mom. This is like, ten years of therapy.”

4. Girlfriend envy, again

Make sure you play poker with the guy on the left because he cannot hide his true feelings, no matter how much he tries. Even his hair is pointing at them in jealousy.

5. Boob envy

Hey, if you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em. Their eyes aren’t red because of the flash of the camera. They’re red because they’re as jealous as the devil.

6. Fish envy

It turns out size does matter. (But luckily, there are plenty of fish in the sea.)

7. Girlfriend envy, part three

It’s Comic-Con, and the guy in the background is cosplaying as “Angry Single Man.” Nailed it.

8. Baby envy

It sucks when you realize you’re no longer the cutest one in the family. This little girl is not holding back her rage.

9. Boob envy, again

“Hey! Eyes up here! Actually, on second thought, keep your eyes down there! Yeah. Yeah, you wish you had these, didn’t you, Stacy? DIDN’T YOU?! BUT YOU DON’T! YOU DON’T!”

10. Boyfriend envy

This lady has a cunning strategy for preventing other women on social media from messaging her hunky boyfriend. It’s all in the tags: “haha you wish sweetie keep scrolling.”

So, if you ever get jealous, try to hide your emotions. You never know who might be snapping a picture. And if you’re a writer, like me, remember, you should not feel jealous of William Shakespeare. That idiot called jealousy a “green-eyed monster.” Ugh. What a hack.

Source: Forexx-fe