‘Oh my God, the baby kicked.’
‘How do I sleep with this oversized belly?’
‘I want a pizza, NOW.’

Preparing for motherhood is not easy. From never-ending bathroom visits to burpy breakfast mornings, everything becomes a challenge for mommy-to-be. While hormones are playing their tricks, pregnancy comes with a brigade of difficulties that only a mother can relate to.

A woman goes through all this for that one moment of bliss – to see her little bundle of joy hale and hearty.

So here’s a quick breather for stressed out moms. A brilliant series of illustrations that are funny, yet true. Every situation will give you the deserved belly laugh. Well, literally.

Here are ten amusing pregnancy problems every expecting mother deals with.

1. Ouch! The Torturous Cramps

If not for these cramps, pregnancy would have been such a cakewalk – thinks every woman, often. These torturous beasts show themselves every now and then. Especially midnights, when they know you are gliding in a dreamy siesta!

Cramps can be dealt with a comforting heating pad, green tea, and some easy exercise. Just so that you know!

2. Move It Baby!

But the baby refuses to budge! How an expecting mom’s heart cringes when she sees toned legs and glossy skins sprinting in parks. ‘How am I ever going to shed all this weight?’ is a recurring question. Hold on darling, for now, let’s try to take a stroll without getting exhausted. Forget a wow body, think of the wow baby!

3. No More Questions, Please

Because the suggestions, instructions, and questions refuse to stop! And the worst question is ‘hey, are you pregnant?’ ‘No, I swallowed a watermelon without cutting it.’ The weird questions that pregnant women are subjected to.

4. Crazy Dizzy Cravings

A pizza. No, chocolate ice cream, or maybe chips. But before that, how about popcorn? Sudden cravings are an inseparable part of being pregnant. And no matter how wise you are, this is one thing you cannot control. Look at all those mommies drooling already. Go, grab a chocolate bar! And don’t be guilty, the baby demands it.

5. From Wine To Whine

Remember the times when a good glass of wine was the solution to every problem? Well, times have changed and so have the problems. Wine, I miss you.

6. Will I Explode?

The continuously growing belly is like a ticking clock. Expectant, sleep deprived moms in their third trimester often wake up asking themselves – is it time?

7. Everyday Is A Bad Hair Day

Thanks to the fluctuating hormones, there’s hair sprouting from the weirdest of places. And getting rid of them is such an arduous task.

8. Did You Just Say, What’s In The Name?

The sight of pregnant women fretting over baby names is common. From historic transcripts to Google – they have rummaged it all.

9. To Pee Or Not To Pee

That is never the question. Because you have to pee. Every seven minutes, and as the due date gets closer, every 3.8 minutes. A story of our bellies!

10. Kickin It Baby!

So will it be a kick-boxer or a footballer? Because all my baby does in the womb is kick and punch. Calm down! That’s your baby’s way to say how desperate they are to meet you. Every kick is a sign that a wonderful tot is waiting to happen.

Isn’t every emotion true to the T? And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more that goes into the making of a baby. But in the end, it’s all absolutely worth it. What say momma?

Source: Momjunction.