We all have our favorite teachers in our school days and if we look back the memories of our school life holds teary eye moment. We will move forward but we will still not forget the past which had an awesome memory of our school friends and our college friends but here we will see the teaching techniques of these teachers who with their hilarious behavior and their wittiest nature can make you laugh out loud.

This Teacher Babysitting

This teacher has a student who had to bring his baby to college so while listening to the lecture the baby started crying and she tried everything to calm him down but he didn’t budge so the professor took the responsibility and helped her to calm him down by babysitting him.

Everything Is Coming

When students in exam time always try the guessing game like the teacher will surely skip this chapter and another chapter in the exam but by looking at this teacher we feel sorry for the students.

History Can Be So Realistic

How come we didn’t have these kinds of teacher that can explain everything with so much dedication. Here this history teacher explaining the life story of an egypt queen.

Sarcastic Teacher

Teachers can be so sarcastic that we feel so much negativity towards them yet they sometimes guide us and encourage us to get a better future in life.

Angles Can Be So Useful

We cannot help but wonder about this teacher’s dedication to showing his students the basic lesson’s of angles which we knew that it is not going to help in future but still this teacher has his way of showing examples.

Encouraging Students

This teacher who doesn’t disturb his students sleeps as he encourages them by taking a selfie with them and even students feel happy around him.

They Can Be Generous

She saw this stray cat roaming around the school and she took her inside the class while explaining her lecture to the students.

Experimenting With Swag

This teacher who thought of experimenting his chemicals with such a way that it looks like he is having a birthday party.

Artistic Teacher

We all loved drawing period or art lecture but after looking at this image we surely can say that these teachers are so talented while in our times teachers used to only draw scenery and left us to fend yourself.

Smartest One

This teacher who is smarter than this generation’s kids were the student’s think they can fool the teacher but the teacher showed them who is the boss.

Source: Bloggersarena