Art is not always about fairytale photoshoots and portrait shots, sometimes it even acts as a catalyst for change. The artist Steve Cutts believes that work shouldn’t be a grinding, a mere rat race for the all powerful money. Consumerism shouldn’t hold such a vice like grip on our lives. And social media, well, we have to get rid of the shackles we have so unknowingly put on ourselves. Wouldn’t life be better then?

Slaves of Technology

This is such a stark reality which is rightly bestowed upon us but we choose to ignore it far too conveniently.

Its agreeable that we use it to our benefit and comfort but the reality is exactly opposite to this, its technology which controls us.

Money is the be all and end all

We have certainly being enslaved by currency there is no denial to this fact, we would go great lengths in life to earn money, even though it means we ignore our family, our health no cost seems big enough to earn huge money.

Weirdly brand conscious

Agreed that it is quite cool to wear or use branded products. But people often splurge insane amount of money just to make sure that they get the brand of their choice and they are able to flaunt it really well, but from where will they get the money, greed right, thereby starts the cycle.

Peak hour rush

We have seen population increase multifold in the twenty first century and this has naturally led to the run hour traffic to grow like crazy in many countries like Japan there are specially people who push you to help you get in the train now how weird is that.

Keep junking in

It is understood that we can ought to have junk food once in a while as a welcome change from the regular food which we consume but we have reached such a stage in our life that the only thing which we love to enjoy is junk food even though it takes huge toll on our body we don’t seem to mind the fact.

Everyone controls someone

While we feel that we have absolute power when we control someone we completely forget that there is someone who controls us worse it isn’t even a human, it is technology.

Some struggle some enjoy

While it is quite painful to see the man struggling in broad daylight to help the girl who seems oblivious to the man’s pain strange world this isn’t it.

How hard we feel

We enjoy the perks of weekend we celebrate as if there is no tomorrow but as soon as the thought of Monday creeps in we start feeling the jitters, we think it would be difficult for us to cope up with the rigours of the coming week.

Break the monotony

There are plenty of us who by now must be completely bored by doing the same thing again and again while some of us try changing stuff try working differently but few of us just choose to crib left, right and center.

Unreal society this

We have seen plenty of things unfair and unruly but this depiction conveys so much in so little. A man holding the carpet in rain for the women who has an umbrella, we mean privilege is good but that shouldn’t be demanded.

Source: Genmice