Such is human nature that we often tend to compare our own miserable lives with our peers or friends or colleagues. And it comes as a big relief to us when we realise that others are having a more bad day than us. People do try to be not so average but they cant help right, this is something which has been imbibed since ages.

Lead a positive life

Just when you feel life has been unfair with you and no matter what you have always got the tough part of the pie then just look up at this thank God you are leading a pretty decent life aren’t you.

Game gone sour

What could one say when people end up having their Tinder bio’s as these.

But we are guessing that he surely must be knowing better as the way he has handled the fall with great guts and gumption it deserves praise and applause.

They are great at maths

We don’t know which calculations people prefer but it isn’t that hard you know 30 years ago ought to be 1988 right, but some kind and nice people tend to think otherwise-1970, wow.

Good old times

People can be quite strange in many a strange ways and we won’t even know whats more weird.

This is as cryptic as it can get but we like the girl’s sense of humour, we are a team there.

A shoulder to cry on

It is quite difficult we understand for sure, heartbreaks are not easy to come to terms with and people try a lot of different stuff to try and forget what has happened, but we can gauge that this gentleman isn’t liking this thing one bit.

Stag entries are not allowed

We are not seeming to understand what exactly is happening here but all we can make it is that the stags are having a lone time we wish them better company.

What an innocent note

Innocence found a new name with frank’s note, how cute of him to tell lord that he has done everything possible and he will continue to keep doing better, we like it frank, quite frankly.

Not a great day

You are in some urgent need of money you rush to your locker you hurriedly try to unlock it and what you find is this, how poor how pity, we feel for you.

She is a diet freak

People have various tendencies to control body fat and they try everything possible on earth to stay fit but there are people like us whose answer to every problem in the world is food.

So much under one’s plate

It is literally impossible for one person to do everything in life, but at least this person tries to acknowledge the fact that he has to do so very much, he being aware of his responsibilities is something we appreciate.

Source : Genmice