There are many qualities which can attract both of them towards it will be just a glance or some little talking, maybe your sense of humor or your looks which sparks magic into your heart and butterflies fly into your heart that are sending love notes to that person so to examine how it happens here are some important qualities that attract both the parties towards each other.

Men Like Women With Class And Women Like Men With Handsome Face

Well, we have heard love at first sight but there are some important details that a man looks into a woman like her style sense and classy look and woman also finds a handsome face attractive and they couldn’t hold back the magical pull towards each other.

Men Like His Women To Have Great Body And Women Like Her Man To Biceps And Triceps

Men always prefer that their women should have the perfect body or we say curvaceous body to hold her tightly and women like her man to be in gym physics like they should have biceps and triceps.

Men Like His Women To Be Confident And Women Like Her Man To Be Loyal

Men don’t like his women to be less confident and always shy around people they find it less attractive and many women have this deep thought that they want their man to be loyal to her.

Men like Their Women To Be Good And Women Want Their Men To Be Good As Well As Bad

Men like their women to be good around people as women with a good heart always attract men and women want their men to be good when he is with her whether they are bad.

Men Don’t Like Women With Mind Games And Women Want Their Men To Be Direct

Men preferably avoid women who play with people’s mind as they hate women with mind games and women want their man to be direct and not to be shy.

Men Like Their Women To Have Some Goals And Dreams In Her Life And Women Feels Like Man Should Give Them Freedom To Work

Men like when his woman has some dreams and aspirations in life and women like their man who gives them the freedom to do anything with life and not to control them.

Men Like Women With Good Sense Of Humour

Women are always known for crying out loud and men never appreciate it and women with a good sense of humor always attract men towards them.

Men Like Women Who Maintains Her Body And This goes Same For Women

Body complexity is the reason we are always afraid of getting into a relationship and the surveys say it that both men and women like it when they maintain their body.

Men Like Their Women To Understand Them And Women Like Men Who Listens To Them

Men like it when their women understand their situations and never judged him as well as women like it when her man listens to everything she has to say to him.

Men Like Their Women To Take Charge Sometimes In Bed And Women Also Like To Take The Lead To Please Him

Well, in bed it’s always the man who takes the charge but they like it when their woman takes the charge and same with women they like it when her man takes the charge but they do like it when they take a lead in bed.

Source : Genmice