People always have these question on their mind on why men are considered first? But we didn’t had answer for that, so here we have listed some pictures that literally shows us why men are called superior and how they managed to solve a difficult situation.

Nice hat

It has been proved that men can really solve any issue with an blink of an eye and this is exactly why men are considered first. This man used his hat as an potential phone keeper to charge his phone.

He just did what she told him to do

They may be rough and tough but they surely know how to bring smile into your face like this guy was told to pick some concealer and show it to his girl by applying on his hand. But he did the exact opposite which made her laugh so hard.

Adhesive wall

Oh the wall is breaking, call some workers to fix it. creative mind:- why to waste their time when we have adhesive tape to solve the issue. Ha!

Smart guy

It has been confirmed there are 90% men who usually so useful to solve any problem yet they will run away from a relationship problem. This gamer is using his mathematician approach to solve a game and now we feel blessed to see this.

Recording with the help of his pet

If you think pets are useless then you should really watch this guy who used his buddy by putting a camera on him to record everything.

Walk down the water

Jesus walked into the water millions of years ago and now we are witnessing the same miracle but this with slight mixture of humour and creativity.

Traffic control

Some people should get a honorary award for their creativity in every situation. This guy used his table tennis racket to control the traffic.

He is from 3019

When we are living in 2019 and here we are witnessing a man who is really not from this world. This guy definitely knows how to travel time because who uses this thing to charge their phone battery.

Cool guy

A little creativity can literally make anyone cool in front of their friends and women. This guy is really the coolest guy of 2019 or the coolest on the train.

How to mop a floor

Damn! if this guy could have invented this motorised cleaning style a little earlier we would have saved the time consumption.

Source : Brightside