Love is not only for perfect couple like he is perfect and she is perfect so they make a best couple but sometimes there are people who unknowingly found love instantly and they are not like every other couple as they are considered as odd couple but its not their oddness but it’s their love that is talking and they proved us love still exist in this world

Anastasia Reskoss and Quentin Dehar

This odd couple who had unique wish that to look exactly like barbie doll and jen doll. They have spent almost £200,000 in the 15 sessions of cosmetic surgery and procedures till now. They both have met at a party and started dating each other.

The twin sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque and their live-in boyfriend Ben Byrne

They are identical twins and they have common boyfriend and they have spent almost $240,000 till now on the plastic treatment in order to look more identical. They have also convinced their mother for having a relationship with one common boyfriend.

Joelson Fernandes da Silva and Evem Medeiros

He is the tallest man in Brazil where he was always ashamed of his height and has spent almost half of his life hiding but there he found a girl who was just half his height and they soon fell in love.

Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool

This couple is weirdest than ever as he is 31 years old and he is dating a 91-year-old woman who is like a great-grandmother to him in relation. Well, love may be strange but they proved it wrong by being in relation to 5 consecutive years.

Flavio Briatore And Elisabetta Gregoraci

She was called a gold digger for marrying a rich and older man but they proved their love by showcasing their love to shut others rant which made their relationship grow stronger than ever.

Ben Brown And Jenna Bentley

They have a huge age difference but that was not a problem when love happens nothing stains in your relationship and they proved their love especially with their photos.

Husband, wife and wife’s lover

We have rarely seen this kind of relation were your husband, wife and your lover stays together and it’s quite complicated but here it seems everything is normal and it’s like a movie were man’s wife was in love with both men and couldn’t stay away from that so they got this solution.

Amazon Amanda and Sergio Miranda

She is the tallest woman who likes to squash and crushes short men for her living but there she found true love in a short man and instantly they both fell hard in love.

Charity Pierce and Tony Sauer

Well, there are many people who are struggling with obesity but in this case, these couple is giving us relationship goals as for where she is undergoing treatment and his fiancee is still there to support her.

Meet Victor Hugo Peralta and his wife Gabriela Peralta

This odd couple with the most number of body modifications and that is almost 84 including 50 piercing, 14 body implants etc.

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