Have you ever saw something and thought its one thing and found a completely different thing when you look again? Well! don’t worry it’s usual and happen with all of us. Here we have got you a list of optical illusions that will make you look twice.

These optical illusions are really confusing. We challenge you if you can really understand them without looking twice.

Scroll down and have a look on these optical illusions.

1. Looks like my Revere Ware at varying stages of neglect. Well! let me tell you it is the bottom of old frying pans.

2. Both day and night in one picture. Actually, this is a Reflection of A puddle and the gravel looks like a starry night sky.

3. It looks like the lava is sucking all the evil souls.

4. Looks Like An Apartment I Can’t Afford, right? Well! no its the inside picture of a guitar.

5. Seems like an amazing view of Earth from space. Lol! it’s nothing but a roof of a car.

6. UFO landing on the Earth. Nah! it’s a door of a car.

7. Oh! At first I thought its a Panda but it is actually a Anteater.

8. Looks a little like a small contained explosion but its just the reflection of Sun.

9. No! Don’t confuse it’s not an Island but just a mossy rock.

10. Stop assuming its just an Opal.

11. These beautiful birds look like a caterpillar.

12. This fog looks like a beautiful ocean.

13. Another illusion that looks like ocean.

14. It’s not Nebula but firecrackers.

15. Two cats look like they’re sticked together.

16. This picture from Hawaii looks like a bad video game render.

17. This picture from National park looks like a painting.

18. A cityscape? No! It’s a shot clicked from a hotel window in Tokyo.

19. A rock that looks like a ship at first.

20. This opal looks like an ocean in the rock.

21. Looks like the UFO is landing.

22. This cloud looks like an amazing wave.

23. This is the New Delhi!

24. Lol! this grass stump look like an Unicorn.

25. Picture from a ruined house seems like a painting on the wall.

26. This burned pallet is looking like a group of birds.

27. The frozen rock literally looks like a heart of ice.

28. Such a huge Godzilla. Well! let us tell you it’s just a photo of lizard on windshield.

29. “Hey! A nice new path!”

30. Is it a mounted dog?

31. Almost fell for it

32. That’s what we call a good brain teasing

Source : butwhocares