Always when we take a picture, we pay attention to all the details the background, poses, and facial expressions. But sometimes we can’t see everything, and the pictures become better! Here are some pictures that are captured when the people were not looking and some took advantage of it.

Unexpected Guest

Some circumstances are meant to bring a smile to our face like this image where the couple is so into each other completely ignoring that the water mammal unexpectedly appeared in their picture.

Photobombed Level 100%

Well, we are sorry to say this but the guy behind you totally won this picture with his crazy stunt.

High Jump

Animals are totally clueless about what the human world is doing but they are smart like this reptile whose high jump literally ruined this picture.

Look closely

Look closely you will see an unexpected picture of 4 become 5 and that looks literally eerie when the person is smiling through the mirror.

Frustrating Humans

Well, we know this tortoise looks frustrated sensing some humans have entered into his territory.

Two Types Of Girls

There are two types of girls in this world where the one cares about what people think and the other just go with the flow. In this image, the photographer got carried away watching the one who is eating chips like its the end of the world.

Say Cheese

We surely love animals from the zoo but they never seem to care about humans but this giraffe is constantly photobombing a cute picture making us say aww.

Classic picture

We have to admit the guy did his best posing as a girl while the girls were unaware of it.


Karma always serves it right like this boy who thought of ruining the other boy’s but unintentionally Karma ruined his.


It’s not everyday we get to see any celebs photobombing our picture but Jason momoa trying to ruin this couple’s picture is truly worth watching.

Source : Bloggersarena