There are half billion people who have complained about buying things from online that resulted in regretting afterward. In the age of the internet, online shopping is usual and everyone has at least got one thing online and then regretted it later. So here we have collected a series of pictures that made us believe that we should never buy from online.

Its Not What It Looks Like

Social media sites have become so rage in this generation that people have no time for their family. They believe in these social sites more than anything in this world which leads them to trust blindly on fake apps too.

Not Even Close

We are pretty sure it’s not even close and we are feeling bad for the girl who thought buying a dress from China will be in her favor that she can show off to her friends.

Its Not Bad

It seems like they just provide good quality material only for modeling purpose and not for the people who are buying it.

You Just Need Little Alternation

Well, at least the color matches the product aside from the fact that she looks too thin for this dress or maybe its just the product.

Bad Impression

People always say that one bad impression can literally taint your reputation so if these people took their time to buy something from their busy schedule at least respect that honesty by giving them better products.

We Asked For White One

We really are not against China but at least if you are so into your brand name ‘MADE IN CHINA’ then please don’t taint it with your laziness.

You Are Not Celebrity

Well, for celebs their dress cost more than anything in this world and they have a staff to make them look worthy for their fans so don’t try to copy them.

Life Can Be Evil

You think buying a dress from online is really going to be your fairytale ending as by looking at it we are sure you are now regretting it.

Still Stunning

At least here we can say that the dress looks little matching and girl if you have great curves then anything would look great on you.

Not Ordering From Online Again

Well, online retailers are not taking these issues very seriously and because of this our trust on them had already started fading.

Source: bloggersarena