People often end up spending their days rather monotonously without any perks or purpose. We aren’t really sure what exactly keeps them going, how could one keep doing the same thing again and again and again. So once in a while its okay to let your hair down embrace your life the way it is, not more not less, just go grab the world but alas we end up with all this which is listed below when we try to cut loose.

Cake out of hand

When your parents have planned the perfect birthday but at times things do certainly go out of hands and here this has happened literally.

When things are not that worse

You are blaming yourself for all things wrong in life and have even gifted yourself a mug but at the end of the day, even that mug doesn’t agree with your situation.

I had to fall

Friends are often seen in merry-making mood when they are with their squad but at times the merriment goes out too far and this happens.

Really? This happened

After having completed my shopping assignment when i was in the queue to complete my purchase this happened and I wasn’t even aware, Good Lord!

Nicely captured

We have seen a plenty of cases of serendipity in our life but this one where the entire frame is arrested just to get that right amount of expression is worth a thousand frames.

We thought that was something else

Our whole life has been a lie we certainly realize this now when we have been consuming cellophane and thinking that it was good old cheese.

If only if only

A Dad must be thankful for her daughter’s deed as this is something which was right out of the blue. A sachet being slipped on the dashboard is anytime better than it being dropped on the seat.

No Time for defence

When you are left supporting too much or cheering your team a bit too much you fail to realize what is coming your way and at times this happens pretty literally as well

Even they don’t want you to eat

At times life is really at crossroads and you don’t know which way to go. You take to food big time but even the restaurants make you feel unwanted.

He is at it

When the competition for the scrambled eggs will be held this guys is sure to hit the jackpot, just look at him what he has done.

Source: bloggersarena