Internet is the main thing were there are fans and haters who will judge you with every picture and every quote you write but there are some people who don’t belong to this category as they come from trolling others whereas they will not exactly troll you but they will tell you the exact fact in life by sarcasm. Sarcasm is when people use words as a weapon to mock others or with a pinch of irony so let’s take a look at these hilarious comments.

Just Imagine

We all have studied history and maths and we still wonder what usage it had in our life and we simply paid a large sum to study that subject.

Friends Forever

People show off their wealth like it is an everyday thing but we should salute this person for showing them the reality of life.

When Childhood Ends

This is the most important question where we always wonder when our childhood ended but this person just showed us the best answer to that question.

Being A Gentleman

This is every girl’s dream where a guy opens his car door to let you enter it and being a gentleman but we all know it is not really going to happen.


Puberty can be mean sometimes for those who still feel that they are not beautiful but looking at this comment we saluting his comment.

Yo Bro!

Reading this it only says our dating history with the people were zero and we feel sad about that because it is either we are ugly or we are unlucky.

Greatest Teachers

We really don’t have this kind of teachers who can help us when we need something but surely the comment below that has made our life more regretful to not being so attentive to class to gain a special attention from a teacher.

Meeting Ex School Friends

People after so long time meet their ex-school friends and soon they have a reunion party where they showoff others about how they have built their future and it seems like this person literally got a savage reply from the troller.

Stop Me If You Can

We don’t need to say anything like this person already commented about her outfit and we are convinced with this hilarious comment.

Source: Bloggersarena