Not majority of the people get the chance to meet their fortune as they are still struggling to reach that level but here we are talking about the people who are so unlucky in their luck and there are people who with some misfortune things have to suffer embarrassment which is quite known to us and we can relate to them as it happens to us every day and here are some people whose fortunate incident just failed them.

When Ex President Comes To Meet You

Who doesn’t want to meet the president? well everyone wants to meet him but this guy just miss his fortune by sleeping all the way while the ex-president had a good picture with him.

That Misfortune Cakes

We are feeling because we are all cake lovers and something happens with cakes or cookies we deeply feel bad and sad at the same time.

It Could Have Been Better

Well it could have been worst like people expect something good when they shop online but looking at these we are now having trust issues.

Perfectly Two Timed

The two pictures were they have been seated properly and in the next second the camera captured the unfortunate incident and we feel bad for her.

Face Swap

Playing with Snapchat filters have gone next level where people are more scaring others with their edited pictures and this is scarier.

Embarrassing Situation

If you are waking up and going somewhere in hurry just look behind or look carefully that are you even presentable because if not then these things happen.

Bad Hit

Oh he just thought that standing front he will get better shot but it seems he just got bad shot not fro the camera but from this game shot.

We Can’t Even Trust The Food

Well these days foods are so adulterated that we can’t trust the food and filling your food with some substance that can be unhealthy for you can be harmful.

Bad Luck Seems Bad

This is something happens in one in a million where they miss a number or we say they must be having some vindictive for that person.

Funniest One

That’s why we are afraid of sports because people get hit in most sensitive places that we feel so sorry for them and afraid that we are not next.

Messy Though

Well this looks messier than we thought and the whole process to clean this stuff and the worst part the smell will last longer.

Source: Bloggersarena