When we name kids we usually keep in mind that they should not have to struggle spelling it out and it should be simple yet unique. But some parents don’t understand the simple logic and name their kids with weird names without thinking of the consequences that they have to deal with while growing up. Worse is when people call you with nicknames they have named you with. It’s like they baptize you again with these weird names and you cannot do anything about it. And everyone has a nickname, no one has ever escaped this weird phenomenon.

P. Ennis

Who named this guy? His parents were really making a joke out of his life when they named him from P and then they made it look like their surname just coincidently collaborated that way.

Dick Long

Well, well, well, this is the day his parents lived for. They knew he would pick up girls with only his name. Look at his smile, thinking of how awesome his name is.

Mrs. Weiner And Mrs. Butt

Mrs, Weiner? Mrs, Butt? Who has weird surnames like these? It is weird to call them out like that. Imagine these children calling them with their surnames in the class.

Major Dickie Head Major Dickie Head

Who the hell named this guy? And how did he become a Major? This is really upsetting, even his face says that. How did he survive all his life, hearing that he is a dickie head?

Dr. Faartz

Is he the doctor of farts? Sorry, Fartz! I bet that made his life really hard as he had to face so much of bullying because of his name.

Batman Bin Suparman

This is the best usage of ‘Bin’ I have ever seen, this should become an example of pun names in history. Look at that innocent face, wearing his name so proudly.

F. You

Well, do you? I wonder what his name is, and the weird part is that if his name initial started with any other letter it would have been equally funny because we can make anything out of the letter and then add ‘You’ to it!

Dr. Shit Fun Chew

This name looks like it is her life motto. How is that going in the descending order? This is why the people in China made so much fun for keeping weird names. It looks like she follows the motto!

Donald Duck

Don’t you think another guy with the same first name should be arrested too? And whose surname is a duck? That’s just the most pathetic name I have ever come across.

Jesus Condom

Forgive me, Jesus! This guy’s face says it all! he is wondering how is he born if his parents used a condom, and then realizing that is why they named him Jesus.

Source: 9unknownfacts.