Pictures speak a thousand words. They have the power to transcend region or boundaries effortless. Since an emotion present in a picture is universal. It strikes chord with people all over. Very frequently we keep coming across images that reaches the depths of our hearts and make us shed a tear or two. But these images are the epitome of heart-wrenching emotions. Moments so human yet so profound that they are bound to make you cry.

When you battle it all alone

This is such a powerful image which shows Swedish woman Maria-Teresa Asplund stands alone in confronting hundreds of Neo-Nazi marchers, Sweden.

Such an emotional picture

A north korean man is seen waving his hand at his south korean relative post the reunion of inter-korean temporary family reunions.

Freedom is important

When you realize freedom is the only thing you wanted all your life. We often tend to take our freedom for granted. An image of 10 old Yemeni girl after she was granted divorce from her abusive husband.

You realize how lucky you are

Seeing this picture we only think how lucky we are to be leading a life where everything is served to us on a platter. We must really be thankful.

Tears of joy

An Iraqi refugee breaks out in tears of joy while he holds his son and his daughter after they arrived safely on the shores of Greek island of Kos.

What a companion

This is something which made us very emotional. A man is seen sobbing at an animal shelter. He is seen cursing his own luck that he could not bail out his pet.

Love knows no boundaries

We have seen many couples much in love and it surely is an overpowering emotion. Just look at them gazing at each other you know how it is.

Tango Passion

Can there be a more passionate moment than this, to see a couple so much in love with each other looking eye to eye, wow.

Age defying love

We could see anyone who has spent so many years of marriage but yet celebrate the way they do we would hand it over to them.

She’s a rule breaker

How rare it is to see this a saudi girl breaking the stereotype and how, we just have to see her express herself just wonderful.

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