It’s not that they are having a good day every day but people who in the very worst situation came out alive its like they are born under a lucky star or it was really there lucky day. Nevertheless, not everyone is having these sheer luck into their life like they found their long lost ring or been saved just by inch its something we don’t find it every day.

Luck Or Supernatural?

Do you believe in luck or supernatural powers? whereas we don’t believe in either because there is no hero in this world or well we can say it was really his lucky day.

Long Lost

The thing about long lost is something very emotional because we had feelings for that think and this is how we felt when this person got his long-lost ring.

Final Destination

We all have seen the final destination and the famous log loaded truck scene was many lost their lives because of that whereas there are many scenes and this one is one of them now.

Close Call

She never thought that her stunt may eventually lead her to be so close to an ultimate life-threatening risk.

That’s Why Wear Helmets

People have issues with wearing helmets and the government has provided so many measures to make people but they don’t understand and it seems this picture is perfect to make them understand.

Sometimes Man Made Are So Useful

Well, we always curse that man-made things are not that useful and they just pollute everything but here the scene is different and we think that it was the wires that saved that car.

Final Destination 2

If you have seen final destination then you will know what it feels like to so close to being targetted as your final destination in life.

Lucky Boy

We have seen many proms fails but this guy who is having a lucky day just he is not having one but two prom dates.

Quick Thinking

Well, people need a quick-thinking and intelligence to know the surroundings and this literally saved this guy’s day.

Saved By The Wall

Well, looking at this picture where the fish was so close to being breathing his last but he was saved by the wall.

Source: Genmice.