Earlier there was less struggle and more productivity, where the only motive was to make the life better with simple living and less stress. Where people believed in focusing on basic necessities. Well, constant change of time and generation, their simple living has been turned to adventure and passion.

Nowadays, it took a drastic turn with a continuous term of competition and rule the world. Also, technologies came into existence and made our lifeless productive. These pictures will surely differentiate between the change in the society over the last 50 years.

# 1 Grocery Shopping

Well, talking about grocery shopping where there was a time when people used to shop like they care for their family and used to shop for a whole month but noways with people’s attire in the mall has taken a hilarious turn and their shopping bag have also become less day by day.

# 2 Kids Playing

Kids playing in the 50s where they had real fun like playing football, Playing over the car, hide and seek etc.. there were so many outdoor games to strengthen their activity but kids these days have imitated elders habit that nowadays they just want to play over video games or phones.

# 3 Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was so much fun in the 50s where people used to visit other people’s house and they had a real celebration but in today’s world, people are so engrossed in their phones that the feeling of Christmas is just over the phone.

# 4 Couples On The beach

Beaches on that time where a couple loves to hang out with their man just by holding hands, kissing each other and spending a quality time but in today’s world everything look so fake and nowadays couple just want to spend time so they can Instagrammed it.

# 5 Paintings

We love how some people even with time change they still paint on canvas and that was the daily revenue on the 50s for every painter and at that time painters were rich and people appreciated their work but nowadays canvas has been taken over by advanced phones and tablets and they just draw with one swipe.

# 6 Fashion

Fashion sense way back in the 50s was everything where it looked so poised and beautiful that became a trend but nowadays fashion has went way beyond it that we are confused what they have even made.

# 7 Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion where they wore suits, jackets, tie, coats, one hat and pointy boots that completed the look which gave them a masculine look but nowadays we don’t know what had happened with the time that men’s fashion has changed drastically.

# 8 Dancing

Dance brings passion and one connection towards your partner and that magic was available at that time but now people just want to have fun and nothing else they just want to feel each other’s body.

# 9 Girls Walking Down The Street

Walking in the street in the 90s or 70s or 50s looked like they are walking on a fashion ramp judging by the looks on the left image but in today’s world girls love to take a selfie while walking.

# 10 Girls Night Out

Before 50 years there was never a night out for girls as there used to be night in any girls place and there are places who still believe that girls should be kept shelter but in today’s world that thinking has changed and now girls have the freedom to do wish as they want but safely.

Source : Genmice