Where is our world headed? Over the last decade or so, our world has seen the most rampant degradation and suddenly the human race seems to be wiping every other kind of life out. Are we moving towards the most selfish and greedy future? Well, these pictures are going to make you cry!


This little boy was caught between a plastic band and guess what? He sure DID NOT like it.

The plastic we dump in our oceans tends to suffocate our marine organisms like this. And we are talking about a big turtle here. See what happens to tinier organisms below!


We know we are heading into death when we see something as gruesome as this. Captured at a oil spill site, this poor seagull was merely looking for some food. What mankind however decided to treat it with, is some oil for thought. Is this insane, or IS THIS INSANE?


This little stork was caught in a menacing plastic bag just as it swept down for some food. And while we humans may have hands, we choose to strangle our nature instead of caress it.


Most South East Asian countries generate waste in such large quantities (thanks to the ever increasing population and “needs”) that their age old methods of disposal no longer stand of any use – be it dumping in the oceans, in the yards or burning them. There needs to be a better, EFFECTIVE, PERMANENT solution. Until then, its going to be surfing with garbage, mate!


Most Hindus in India would stand strong by their festivals, their customs and some ancient practices. YES, it makes for a very robust culture but it also makes for this very picture – a claustrophobic set up for most of our environment, sometimes fellow humans, and mostly the ones that do not really have any voice in our growing insensitivity and madness!


The Yangtze River produces the majority of the world’s ocean pollution,according to The Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch environmental research foundation that focuses on ocean pollution. It is not surprising though. Originating in a country with growing population and ever growing needs, degradation of nature is but obvious!


This picture of a fire at an oil platform in Mexico is eerily saddening. With the whole world demanding more by the day and the bigwigs ceeding to their demands, phenomenons like these are not going to be uncommon anymore.


Have you ever thought what happens to those old phones, laptops, computers, desktops that seem ancient now? Or any other electronic waste for that matter? Well it lands up in nations that need it, or so the first world feels!

Once in the third world nations, most of it goes unused and never gets out of its dumpyards. Result? The third world nations end up hoarding the waste of the first world nations for decades to come!


Beijing is infamous for its pollution – and normally the onset of winter sees it choked in an even thicker smog than usual, as the heating is switched on across the Chinese capital. Result? Well, unbreathable environment for people, almost death situations for the non-human organisms and a constant fear of the impending doom!


In Kochi, India, the sea is known to be a furious one. Come monsoons, the Arabian sea throws back all the plastic and waste the locals and tourists have dumped in it over the last seasons. Not just here but in most regions with heavy rainfall, this churning is observed. However, this phenomenon lasts briefly, only to have the waste receding back into it and more to be thrown back during the tourist seasons!