Sometimes we wonder if there was no photographer or internet how we would be wasting our time but because of some great inventors, we feel cherished to find ourselves knowing more about the world. There are so many beautiful creatures in the world that we feel elated to know more about nature and its creature. So here we have listed some images that show our nature from different corners of the world.

This Old Shark

There are various sharks who are swimming every deep corner of the earth and they are considered harmful for any humans who are just distance away from them. But it has been said that sharks are older than the USA and they swim to every corner of the earth.

A Big Butterfly

Something so mesmerizing can only make us fall in love with the beauty of our nature. This may seem like it has been edited by a photographer but its an actual huge Attacus atlas moth.

Eagle Ray

Sometimes we should keep appreciating the photographers for all the hard works they do by going as far as they can to click one perfect picture. This image may look it has been clicked under night sky but they creatively captured this eagle ray underwater.

A Hammerhead Bat

We have only seen bats only in movies and on a night but here we get to witness a live bat who is just resting around the corner.

Big leaves

This may look like a boat but it is just a gigantic leaf that will be only seen in water that only grows lilies.


Sawfish that look so amazing with its sword-like mouth that has thorns which could easily be harmful to anyone who thinks of going any closer to them.

Natural Element

If anything that conjures up is the moon, milky way, lava and the meteor meeting at the same place as its a normal day.


This jellyfish who look so amazing on top yet they can harm others with their legs. There are many creatures that will mesmerize you with their amazing features yet they can harm you in a blink of an eye.

Neskowin Forest In Oregon

Well by looking at this image we feel like we are witnessing a king kong movie scene where the girl gets captured in an island and this image just look similar.

Creatures Lurking around The Corner

At first, we thought that this is just a small rock where the crab is trying to crawl around until we saw the real face of a creature who can change color and even hide on its own.

Source: Bloggersarena