So the internet can sometimes be silly beyond expectations and this is what keeps us intrigued to it and we stick to it like glue for more fun images to watch and get amused. These are just silly, random pictures which will definitely give you a good laugh. Otherwise, it is just a compilation for the aliens to be aware to the stupidity up this place. Aliens will surely be so confused looking down at us humans, like we are some animals who cannot be compared with any other species that exist, in concerned with idiocracy.

She’s hot!

Well, this is what I want to see while I walk around the street. Look at the guy behind, he is all drooling over the girl like he has never seen a goddess like her before.

Where is his pen?

This is the reality of high school. You don’t even realize things that are missing because you, yourself is missing from the present. You are spaced out most of the time and you don’t understand things.

How is the dog standing on it’s 2 paws?

when you don’t want to take a bath and your owner just dips you in the whole big tub of water, and then you realize you can function like a human and also stand like one!

Someone save him!

This is pure jealousy! Seriously though! I think the guy is crying because the couple is happy and he is stuck with that girl who is no less than a vampire because she might not actually drink his blood, but metaphorically, that is her source of living!

That teeth gap is hilarious!

You are made fun of your teeth gap like this. Like this is the universal meme that everyone uses to annoy the people who have teeth gap. It’s not cute anymore… It is a meme!

Because you are high!

Well, this is a legit illusion, for you to get in the awe with. Because then, it is less harmful, soy sauce is less harmful than phone addiction!

A sleeping pit is what we need

I deserve this! No questions, everyone deserves this. (Eliminating whom I hate, from “everyone”) If I get this sleeping pit…I am never ever getting up and living a normal life like you people.

I understand you!

That’s deep man! I will never wear it around like that because it is almost like you are announcing your daily activities on social media. That’s annoying, right?

Yoga is a must!

I wish I had that flexibility! Well, this a nice pose for Instagram pictures. When you don’t get time for yoga while working! This an amazing solution!

Perfectly timed!

This picture is so perfect! That guy hasn’t even touched the water yet. I want to click a picture like this, definitely! Ignore his face and enjoy the beauty of photography!

Source : Genmice