True photography is all about knowing where to stand and taking meaningful pictures. However, one does not have to be a professional in this field, but just a few smart camera tricks can enhance the quality of your photography. Today, every person owns a camera, or I should say smartphones, which brings out the skills hidden within. And mind you these smart camera tricks will barely take three minutes to enhance those skills further, getting you impressive photos.

Gradually, you will master these camera tricks, making you no less than a professional photographer. Therefore, in order to enhance your photography skills, discover all those smart camera tricks right here right now.

1. Utilize tinfoil to build a wall of bokeh as the backdrop.

2. A fish tank will be the ideal thing for taking underwater shots.

3. Only a piece of cloth and a cardboard is required to build a compact and low-cost smooth backdrop.

4. Plastic bags can create many smart camera tricks for you, like a softbox effect.

5. Not to worry, normal bulbs can be utilized to add that extra light

6. One of the smart camera tricks to maneuver imagistic concept is by enforcing angles.

7. To get a view from the above shot for your Instagram, this is one of the simplest camera tricks.

8. If you wanna get rid of those tourists from the photo, then just follow these smart steps.

9. By cutting a heart shape in a piece of cardboard you can create a heart-shaped bokeh.

10. Your photography skills will definitely enhance with this simple macro lens trick.

11. Those sunglasses of yours can add to your camera tricks by creating a filter.

12. You wanna create an immediate hoax macro bokeh, then just check this out.

13. Told you, plastic bags are handy for camera tricks, just coat a little vaseline for soft focus lens impact.

14. Cut various shapes in a cardboard to produce a window shadow for your shots.

15. If you wish to create lens flares, make use of a CD.

Source : noonecares