We all have done the same mistakes by misspelling everything but these pictures are more hilarious where their innocent mistake just brought tears to our eyes not by crying but by laughing that can also make you think that we don’t need any comedians to make us laugh these people are enough to do the honor.

When You See It

Shoppers may be really upset with the people who shoplift their things and it seems they brought an ultimate solution for this.

Really ?

We really want to glow slow but we can’t after reading this inappropriate sign that indicates wrong way area.

We are Existing

We are existing in this world that’s why we are parking in your slot but it seems like you are extinct with human figures.

And We Are Ashamed By You

We are really shamed by our English because after reading this we feel we need to learn more from this guy rather than any dictionary or classes.

Now I have To Be More Careful

We know every procedure of how to eat it but seems like we are scared of it in a wrong way and this medicine is not even helping us.

At least They Have Put Picture

They may have put the right picture for not confusing people but they really need to work on their English.

Really Not Aloud

Well, smoking is really not allowed but the thing is we understand your views on no smoking but not your english.

We Are Definitely Following This

This sign board is definitely for deaf ears who always complain about everything and recklessly drive the car.

We Thought Work Is In Progress

When exams are around the corner and you read this where it says quite please exams in progress than what you will do?

Mom Is Around The Corner

This vendor who just misspelled the word, mom instead of momos which is quite popular in Mumbai and we think the customer there would be having a blast after reading this.

Source : Genmice