Coincidences are mind-blowing. You will find it in places where it is impossible to find. It is fate and you, believe it or not, it always astounds you by occurring around you. These things don’t have a logical explanation, which is purely just fate, and people believe that these things happen for a purpose. Maybe these images have some purpose, fate has a role to play in it.

Worth the wait!

This was a long-awaited scenario. We now have the most anticipated answer, which really did prove many people wrong. The chicken has crossed the road, indeed!

He looks like the person in the poster

When this person went to for the check-up, his doctor pointed at the poster and said, that he looks like the guy in the poster. The person is quite happy to find that out!

This guy time-travelled or what?

David Gerrold, the writer who used to write about technology, had predicted smart-phones back in 1999 when there was no clue about smartphones.

This was the first time they met

In this picture, the two kids are now married to each other. And their mothers were best friends back in college, and this was the first time they met. They didn’t know this until their mothers revealed this picture on their wedding day.


Call it coincidences or fate! This is something that would never go unnoticed. The hand on the right is of a man. His index finger was cut off in an incident. And the hand on the left is of his child, who was born with a short index finger.

They found it!

These trackers finally found the place where this chocolate wrapper belongs. Is it just coincidence or does it mean something? You’ll never know!

Fortune cookies

These fortune cookies came back to back. And were cracked open respectively as they are placed by the guy in the picture. He did find love!

Peekaboo-I see you

These cars complete each other’s sentences. Maybe they are made for each other. And then they went different ways… This seems like destiny.

This is not a coincidence

The newspaper is stacked the way that the sentence, “This is not a coincidence” Is this a coincidence, or is it something more than that?

They were in each others photographs

The two people in the photographs are now married, and it is only afterwards that they found out they both were at the same time and even appeared in each other’s picture, long before they even met.

Source: Bloggersarena