We can’t escape from jealousy.

We have all witnessed it or have made others feel jealous of us. Most often jealousy is caused by love.But people get jealous because there are others who are more beautiful or successful for example. This feeling is manifested through fear, worries, and envy. And very often people try to hide or mask it. That is why it does not always become evident if somebody’s jealous.

Below you can find ten telltale signs that someone is jealous of you:

1. Most probably would pay false compliments


An insecure person would compliment you when you see each other face to face but could gossip or tell lies about you behind your back. Such people are two-faced, and there’s almost no chance to reveal their real nature. That is why you should pay attention to what you confess to others and always ask your friends whether someone is not talking nonsense for you behind your back. A sign that someone is jealous might be that they allow a long silent moment before telling you that you have done great. Their secret envy towards your success causes that reaction.

2. Might undermine your success

People who are jealous could try to undervalue your success. They feel insecure because they are not able to achieve as much as you. They would always try to convince the others that you are not good enough. So, it is a red flag if every time you mention something big that you’ve accomplished your friend tells about it to other people trying to persuade them that it’s not that of a big deal.

3. There’s high chance to boast about their success

However, if a jealous person becomes successful in anything, he or she would do the impossible so that the whole world understands about it. They will flaunt their success. Usually, people who behave like this are envious of others’ achievements and would do everything to prove that they are worth as well.

4. Might cross legs

According to body language, a person can cross their legs because of many reasons and one of them is when they are jealous. If as soon as you talked about your accomplishments, your friend crossed their legs they might not be sincerely happy to hear about them.

5. It’s very likely to compete against you

Psychologist Melanie Greenberg explains that when someone’s jealous they have a strong need to prove they are superior. The result is an individual who behaves competitively. Of course, competitiveness could lead to success if it derives from real ambition. But jealous individuals humiliate people and boast, and there is nothing more unpleasant than a “sore winner.”

6. Could be a copycat

Although psychologists claim this is a sign of flattery, someone who is jealous of you would often try to take after you and to imitate everything you do. They could come as far as to walk, dress and talk the way you do. Even though this might look like a compliment sooner or later, it could become annoying. There’s nothing you can do but not paying that much attention.

7. Most probably will dish the dirt on you

Research shows that people who gossip the most have very high levels of anxiety, aggression or are extremely unhappy. They could gossip because they want to feel superior since they aren’t confident in themselves. People who are envious of your success or anything else which puts you above them could try to ruin your good reputation with negative comments or false rumors about you.

8. Could feel happy if you fail of success

Such people would always feel happy if you haven’t accomplished your goals. But they will never say it to your face. They behave so because your failure would mean that you are not as good as them. That they are better than you, and you are not up to their level. Anyone that takes pleasure in seeing you fail is not a good person and does not wish you well. If you notice anyone of such, you’d better distance yourself.

9. Might want to spoil your plans

Another thing that could tell someone is jealous of you is when they are happy to give you bad news and pretend they’re doing you a favor. For example, you decided to go to the beach, but your jealous friend tells you that it’s going to rain for the next few days and it’s not a good idea to go. So, pay attention if your friend does or say something that could spoil your plans or draw attention to some negative aspects.

10. Could even hate you

Through life, it is impossible not to meet people who make your skin crawl. Unfortunately, a big part of achieving success involves dealing with such individuals who would hate you for no apparent reason. These people might not behave aggressively but will show you they don’t like you in other ways which don’t involve violence. A right way of coping with them is to show them how little they mean to you. I wouldn’t stress about people like this. You have done nothing to deserve this. It would be best to just cut them out of your life.

Has someone ever been jealous of you?

How did you find out, what did you do? Please, share your experience.

Source: Iheartintelligence