We remember the stars from the TV shows or old classic movies that carved their way in the industry. These people who appear in the movies and shows are noticed by the whole world. The whole world has seen their youth and how they grew in the industry. It is like looking at their whole life as they grow and how they transform as a person, and how they look.

Brooke Shields

The American actress and model was a child model and garnered fame because of her lead role in Loius Malle’s film Pretty Baby where her role was censorious when she was only 12. This is how she looks like, now.

Thomas Anders

This Handsome German singer is well known by his stage name Thomas Anders. His real name is Bernd Weidung. His looks might have turned rugged but he still has the amazing singing voice that the whole world is in awe with.

Don Johnson

The American actor, producer, director, singer, and songwriter, Donald Wayne Johnson is well known for his role of James “Sonny” Crockett in the 1980s television series Miami Vice. He even won, a Golden Globe-winning actor.

C. C. Catch

C.C Catch is a Dutch-born German pop singer. She was one of the most attractive singers in her time. Caroline Catherine Müller is known for her collaboration with Dieter Bohlen in the 1980s.

Boy George

He is an English singer, songwriter, DJ and fashion designer. Boy George might be a unique personality but he is quite attractive even now. He is famous for his pop band Culture Club.

Erika Eleniak

The American- Canadian actress, Playboy Playmate, and former model, Erika Eleniak came to fame, after her role in Baywatch as Shauni McClain. Her beauty was the talk of the Hollywood town, but her attractive personality still lures many.

Jennifer Beals

She is a former teen model and an American actress. She came to fame after her role in Flashdance. She won the NAACP Image Award for Actress and was also nominated for Golden Globe Award for Best actress.

Geena Davis

Famously known as Geena Davis, is an American actress whose full name is Virginia Elizabeth “Geena” Davis. She is also a producer, activist, former model, and archer.

Karen Allen

She made her debut with Animal House and her portrayal of Marion Ravenwood gained her more success. The gorgeous beauty has only aged with more grace.

Brigitte Nielsen

The gorgeous Danish actress, model, singer and reality television personality, Brigitte Nielsen is well known for 1985 films Red Sonja and Rocky IV. She has aged quite well.

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