There are many people who have short heights and that’s the reason people always take charge of them because of their heights. And sometimes their shortness may be little struggling but they look cute when they struggle and here are some couples who have shown the struggles of their short girlfriends

The perfect stair

This perfect stair for the girls who have short height and we are totally cool with it teasing them as they are the cutest thing in the world.

This happens every time

Short girls have the majority of the problem like shifting shelves from adjusting to clothes it’s a real issue they face when they have to deal with it.

Adjustable shelves?

Well if you are teasing her then you have to stop because it’s really not funny but then too he looks cute doing that anyways.

Human armrest

A short girl always has this problem where everyone uses her as an armrest and we can feel her pain that how she must be feeling.

This is new

Well we thought she got no problem until we saw what is down and it looks cute yet hilarious because she is standing in a ball.

Always a bad selfie

Well, this looks cute but still, you can’t hug him properly when you have short height as you just reach into his waist.

Not again

And we know how tough it is for her to click a selfie with him when his face is been cropped because of her short height.

This is actually cute

Sometimes girls with short heights are really lucky as they have to do this kind of kissing and hugging in front of everyone making every girl jealous.

The stand-on counter

Short girls have the majority of the problems like they can’t get to the jar or anything they have to struggle a lot and this picture tells us how they currently live in this world.

The forever-shelved

When you have short height problems than you will understand this situation very well because we can feel her how she must be feeling right now.

Source : Genmice