However, as a replacement for of looking for the weird things in this list, you look out for things with Google. And you start typing “why,” “how,” “do,” etc. The largest part all the rage searches will fair up, and you will be staggered by surprise. Several people are concerned about. Looking up the implication of your symptoms on the internet will not prevent you. Pretty the opposite it will cause you to be vulnerable and panicked. Google is capable of being a talented advantage in result a thing you need. However, every now and then it works against you or maybe doesn’t help you much.


I wonder how they managed to get those colours. This is very beautiful. Art? Nope, but creativity, at its peak, right. Only, it wasn’t needed. Except, this is really uplifting in the morning when you take the toothpaste on the brush, and into your mouth.


We all know the infamous, Hollywood sign. That huge construction is quite an attraction. And we can’t get over this, ever. It is always going to be one of the best attractions. Fact-time, this Hollywood sign was actually just an advertisement for a new neighbourhood.

Polar bears

Polar bears are really cute, unless it attacks you. Jokes apart, we have this misconception, about the bears color, because of its hair color we think that it is a white polar bear, but in actuality they have a black skin underneath those white hair.

Reason behind the Mc flurry spoon

When you get your Mc flurry, you think it is the best beverage you’ve ever tasted and that is not just the ingredients that make it so tasty. The spoon on the machine has also a part to play for the taste. It’s used to mix the ingredients of the dessert and make it even tastier.

Sharks or Trees?

We have one more misconception, more of no information about the sea life. When asked, I’m sure we’ll definitely vote for the trees to be more aged than sharks. But that is actually untrue, there are sharks that are older than trees.


We thought, vegetables are only good for our health and that there is no downside to it. After reading this fact, you’ll be surprised and would want to defend yourself if you are a smoker. Eggplant actually contains nicotine but to feel the effect, you’d need to eat almost 20 pounds.

Albert Einstein was offered presidency

Einstein was and still is considered having the best of the minds, the planet has ever had. And being considered such a noble and wisest man, he definitely was shown a lot of gratitude and respect and so he was offered to become the president of Israel.

Horses don’t vomit

What we watch in the animation movies etc. In which horses are involved are usually fairy tales and fictional movies and we might have considered without research that they vomit but that is not true. Horses and Rodents never vomit.

Gold can be edible.

We have a hell lot of misconceptions and gold not being an edible is one of them. We still think eating gold is a bad idea and it is if you decide to eat a bar of gold. Then you’ll just break your teeth. Gold is edible and it is actually considered to be good for human health. Which is why the Kings in past used to eat from the gold and silver cutlery because they believed that it makes them strong.

The Vatican birthrate

We all know that the Vatican city is very religious and that to gain citizenship there, you have to go through some bizarre rules. But we know why there is so little no of actual citizens there. Because in, 1983, it was the only country in the whole world where the birth rate was zero.

Source : Genmice