We need to appreciate these people for clicking something extraordinary which are a treat to our eyes. We live in a world where everything unusual happens but we try to ignore it because we are so busy with our lives but we always tend to miss the best thing in this world is nature where every time they amazed us with their uniqueness.

Sea Waves

This cloud looks like waves from the sea but it is actually a cloud that just formed with the help of strong winds forming this phenomenon fantastic clouds.

Beauty At Its Best

It usually occurs when waves from two different places meet eachother and they cross eachother. And it is more common in the open ocean when it is closer to the shore.

Ice Flower

This ice looks like someone just has sharpened the ice with a sharpener but actually, it is just a structure of an ice that just gets freezes.

Iceberg With Stips

After looking at this iceberg our memory goes back to the film Titanic where the iceberg fell onto the ship and sabotaged everything well this is not what you think but it is an unusual picture of an iceberg with strips in the Antartica area.

Look Like A Hnad

It may look like a witch’s hand that is creeping out from the ground but in reality, it is a fungus that looks really strange.


It does look frightening because of the fire that looks like firenado as in tornado plus fire which just got combined with strong heat and wind.

The Power Of A Sun

If you looked at it where it may look like a gold is placed there but in reality, it is a cave that just got light up because of the sunset rays making it look like amber.


We have seen snow in many coldest place all around the world and the layers of snow are so soft and sometimes hard and here you can see the layers of snow turning into rolls with the help of wind.

Rainbow Trees

The most beautiful thing you will see on this earth is nature and rainbows and if they get mixed up this is how it would look like. It is mostly found in the Pacific islands where the outer layer of this bark peels away giving space to bright thin colored layers.

Unique Clouds

We haven’t such a spectacular scene where this cloud looks like a something out of the box but it is actually a cloud that got mixed up with the streaming flow of wind and moisture.

Source : Genmice