Our world is indeed a bizarre place but apart from the crazy changes the world has been through, it still maintains its traditions. The crazy traditions have not changed, even though our world has been through a drastic transformation. The wedding is the most important event in people’s lives, it is much awaited for, and it is more interesting because of the traditions. So, here are 10 traditional wedding attires across the world.


Wedding outfits of the Chinese people are mostly red in colour because this represents good luck. So, to keep the bad things away, they wear it on their wedding day, so that brings them good luck at their wedding too.


The people in Indonesia usually follow their various traditions, depending on the ethnic groups that they belong to. There are about 300 groups among the 1700 islands.


India is a diverse country and so they have a different type of wedding, depending on the location, but there are some traditions that are followed all over India, like wearing red, or pink lehenga with a red bindi on the forehead.


People in Ghana wear decorative outfits for their wedding outfits. They even have their family patterns on the outfits. It looks quite eye-catching to watch.


The Bride and the groom in Nigeria both look equally attractive on their wedding day, as they wear the same kind of clothing, and pair it with a Gele, which is a Nigerian head wrap.


Weddings in Norway have their own traditional outfit which is called the Bunad. The couple wears this traditional outfit on their wedding day.


Iraq has one of the most interesting wedding outfit traditions. So, the Iraqi brides have to change seven outfits for her wedding ceremony. And each outfit is of a different colour.


One of the most beautiful countries in the world has some beautiful traditions that they follow. Unlike the other countries, the bride here wears a green colour outfit because it is considered sacred and resembles fertility and good luck.


Jewish people don’t really have a particular outfit for their wedding, but the Yemenite Jewish wear this outfit which they get from their mother.


The Japanese people don’t only follow their etiquettes well, but their traditions are followed with the same enthusiasm. In a Japanese wedding, the bride wears red or while coloured outfits and they usually change 2 outfits in the ceremony.