Vintage pictures that are from grandpa and grandma days were we always wonder what they used to look like on their teenage days were everything was s colorful, hairdos, style statement and rock music that made the older generation way cooler than us. Here are some pictures that will take you to the time of vintage days were the people’s grandparents used to rock their generation.

My Granny Looks So Beautiful

Well, it seems like the older generation had a cool dressing code because nowadays only models and celebrities wear these much clothes to attend any events.

Printed Pants

Printed pants, Bell bottoms, cooler shades, punk rock style was very famous at that time and by looking at this image we think people from the older generation had more fun and life at that time.

Bike Ride Chick

We used to think this generation was cooler than that generation because girls used to ride a bike but at that time if a girl rides a bike then they are being counted as a rock-a-chick girl.

Bicycles Were Life

Not many people had cars and bikes at that time but they had bicycles which were very useful and girls had a craze for riding cycles and they ride them to school and home whereas now everyone has cars and bikes but cycles have become great extinct.

Cool Hairdos

Funny hairdos like long hair, colorful hair, punk rock hairdo, and short hair were very famous at that time but in this generation, people have become more creative with their talent for hairstyling.

Music System

Tapes, cassettes, music systems were our only hope at that generation to pass our time and now we have so many things to drift off from our boring days.

Music Festivals

Music festivals and concerts used to held in open ground and this picture speak more emotion than our today’s reality.

Posing With The Car

“My granny was so cool and stunning, here is the picture of herself with the Camaro”. Well, we feel sad that our grannies were nothing like this girl’s granny from way back to the old generation but we are not blaming them also.

Punk Rock

That generation had so many rock stars and people used to sway in the music of these popular bands who were like a god to the older generation and fans used to imitate them by doing punk rock hairstyle.

This Cool Gang

The older generation was way cooler than our generation as in that time people had great taste in music and they used to have a large group of cool gangs which now have an extinct in our time.

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