Men are the ones who choose to join the army and their fitness and physique are quite appreciable. But when women choose to join the army over all the other professions that they could’ve, they prove that the women are strong enough to not only protect themselves but also their country. People usually think that these women would have a masculine build but these women break all the foolish stereotypes that the people have set and are gorgeous enough to be a model or an actress. Women all over the world started to join the military have a history of 400 years into the past.

Russian Army

Russia is known to have the most gorgeous military recruits. They are beautiful, well groomed and also very attractive. The profession that they chose makes them 100% more attractive than they already are. They don’t need a man to protect them, instead, they work to protect their country. The history of women of Russia has an important role in the military of their country.

Romanian Army

The Romanian army is known for its firepower and also known as the world’s top aggressive powers. They also have one of the most attractive women in their military.

U.S. Army

American women soldiers are attractive enough as the male soldiers. Their fitness and their physique are something that we are appreciable. In 2012, 14% of women were recruited in the U.S military.

Czech Republic Army

In Czechoslovakia, women were not allowed to be recruited for the military until WWII. After that woman were allowed to serve in the military. The women who are in the Air Force look incredibly attractive and are well known for their beauty and strength.

Polish Army

2,500 women are in the Polish armed forces and they are all strong and gorgeous. They even have the same rights to join and serve in the military as the Polish men. There is no distinguishes between them.

British Army

It was in 1990’s that the British women were recruited in the Army. The armed forces are full of attractive women soldiers. But even though, the women are recruited, they are not allowed to be in the primary combat units in the Army, Royal Marines, and Royal Air Force Regiment.

Pakistan Army

Pakistan is an Islamic country and people might be an illusion that they might not allow women in their army but they have been in the military since 1947.

Israel Army

The Israelis are needed to carry out national service when they turn 18 and there are many recruits are women. 31 percent of IDF soldiers are women, which is 3x more than the U.K.

Greece Army

As we all know that the Greek physique is very attractive even the women of the nation are quite attractive. The women are strong and also very beautiful. They serve as a voluntary basis and not being required to enlist as men are.

Australian Army

Women have been serving in the armed forces since 1899. But before they were only restricted to the Australian Army Nursing Service, until World War II. But then their roles were expanded.

Source: Helpytips