The make-up industry has blown up like never before in recent years and there’s always something new on the market which is making beauty bloggers lose their minds with excitement.

However, no matter what our favorite beauty brands are offering, there’s always the experimental people of the world that refuse to spend $45 on a single make-up brush and will try anything to save a few bucks.

And when we say anything, we mean ANYTHING…

1) Heating Up Your Eyeliner

Rumour has it that heating up your eyeliner magically turns it into a silk-like liquid liner which glides across your lids. Just be careful that you don’t set the whole thing on fire. Make-up is overpriced as it is!

Also, we know this is common sense but you may want to wait a few seconds before applying- otherwise you could end up with some very awkwardly placed burns! We’ve never had burnt eyelids before- but can’t imagine they’re much fun…

2) Washing your hair with beer

As if beer wasn’t magical enough- apparently rinsing your hair with it can help to repair split ends and leaves your locks shiny and soft! We didn’t really need another reason to stock up on beer this weekend- but now we have the perfect justification!

After you’ve stocked up on your favorite beer- just remember to keep at least one aside for the shower. Once you’ve rinsed your hair in it- apply conditioner after to remove the smell. This sounds crazy- but it genuinely works!

3) Whiten your teeth with a banana peel

Want pearly whites but don’t want to spend the money on expensive strips? Rub the white side of a banana peel on your teeth once a day for a week and get that glowing Hollywood smile that you’ve always dreamed of!

Yes this does work wonders, but maybe lock the bathroom door- it’s not the most attractive of beauty rituals. Also, make sure the inside of the banana peel is a clean pale yellow color- overripe banana’s just don’t do the trick…

4) Lighten dark armpits with a potato

Want to get ready for strappy dress season? Simply shred up a potato and rub the pieces on your skin and your pits will magically lighten up. Again, you may want to do this alone- it’s not the most glamorous of activities

Let the juice dry for around 30 minutes before rinsing off (you may need a couple of sprays of deodorant after too!)

But how does this work I hear you ask? A potato contains an enzyme called catecholase, which has natural bleaching properties.

5) Put toothpaste on your nails to remove yellowish stains and to brighten

Get your nails catwalk ready in an instant with this bizarre tip. We’ve tried it- it really does work! Apply a thin layer of toothpaste to each nail and wait 10 minutes before washing it off. It looks awful- but it’s worth it!

So, how does toothpaste magically take that horrid yellow tinge out of your nails? It works so well because toothpaste includes peroxide, a bleaching element. For a quicker fix- you can also use a whitening toothpaste container baking soda! Amazing, right?

6) Apply your foundation with a tampon

Ok, this one is SO weird. There’s no denying it works, but surely you could just use something else made of cotton, like I don’t know- A COTTON PAD?! Even just your average sponge would be better, no?

Also, tampons are freakin’ expensive! There’s now way we’re wasting a good tampon by rubbing it on our face. We’ve thoroughly thought it through and we think we’re going to pass on this one. Feel free to try it yourself though…

7) Similarly, you can also use a chicken fillet

Don’t get too creeped out- we’re talking the silicone types from your bra. They’re completely non absorbent and are about 1000x less annoying to wash than a beauty blender! This is a bizarre concept- but they really are AMAZING at applying foundation!

There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for your beauty blender/brush to dry after washing. This is genius and it’s been tried and tested by beauty bloggers everywhere! The trend became such a success that beauty companies have actually started producing branded versions…

8) Use red lipstick under your eyes to hide dark circles

This sounds ridiculous and you may be concerned that you’ll end up looking like a weird clown- but it actually works! It balances out the colour so when you apply concealer over the top it miraculously hides your hungover, panda eyes.

Using a creamy red lipstick to hide under-eye circles can lessen the amount of concealer you use, which means you’ll actually appear to be wearing less makeup. This is hard to get your head around but trust us- it works!

9) Put tea bags in your shoes and gym bag to get rid of unpleasant odors

As much as we hate to admit it- in the warmer seasons we all fall victim to smelly feet from time to time! However, there’s no need to suffer the embarrassment any longer! These absorbent little babies will sort that awful stench out overnight!

We don’t know how this came about and how someone even discovered that this worked in the first place- but apparantly it works a treat. Let’s just accept that some things are best left unanswered and leave it at that.

10) Get fuller lashes with loose powder

Simply dip a clean mascara wand into some loose powder before applying your mascara and Voila- you have lashes that a Giraffe would envy! We cannot work out how it would work without looking clumpy- but beauty bloggers swear by it!

Make sure lashes are clean with no residual mascara on them. Next, curl them. Then, add a coat of mascara before using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply the loose powder. Finally, add one more coat of mascara to finish off the look.

11) Put a condom over your beauty blender

There’s always someone who just takes things that step too far, isn’t there? Yes, it does work apparently but we’re definitely passing on this one. We love anything weird and wonderful- but this pushing it even for us.

We all know the smell of rubber lingers for far too long- we do not want it to be lingering on our face. Thank you very much. Also, it just looks disgusting and can’t imagine it’s going to take off anytime soon…

We can’t help but wonder how these people found themselves in the situation where they tried these things out in the first place. Some of these are crazy AF! Would you be prepared to rub a chicken fillet on your face or wash your hair with beer in the name of beauty? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share this with friends.

Source : Auntyacid