Life is extremely difficult even with all the technical advancements around us.

But then there are stunning people who live as if they are living a century ahead. Confused? Well, don’t be. Just look at this…

Extremely Crazy!

What is this thing that this police man is wearing? It definitely does not belong to our era. Something completely unique and different. Looks extremely crazy you see!

During Monsoons!

Ohhh what a genius way to save yourself from rain! This is a very new thing that isn’t really available in a lot of countries! Perfect example of how kids will look in future during monsoons!

Personal Hero

This kid on a long board using a leaf blower to go fast is now my personal hero. Definitely a 3018 kid!

Super Future

What is this boy doing? He’s arranged the camera and is doing something that cannot really be comprehended by us. This is some super future stuff that is happening!


This is exactly what living in 3018 looks like. This is what the feels are gonna be you see!


You know you’ve crossed 10 centuries when there are tactical dog helmets are available! This is crazy!

Future Of News

This is how the job of reporting will look like in future. Pretty much on point!

Future Dog!

Asked My Mom If She Could Bring My Charger Downstairs, She Replied “Shout The Dog”. She’s From The Future, I Guess. Indeed from future!

Dad From The Future

I have wanted to try this since I saw it. If you have a dog, you know how amazing this futuristic dog is!

Live Like This!

When people start living like this, you know for sure that they definitely do not belong to our time!


This is how the cooking in future will look like! Instead of gloves, you’ll have bottles protecting your hands!

Source : Genmice