Who doesn’t know the Avengers superheroes? Yes, I am talking about the fictional characters that are created by Marvel. Even if you are not an ardent follower of the Avengers series, but you still know the original cast. But what if I tell you that they are not the one to do their stunts all by themselves? It normal for the stunt doubles to do the stunts for the actors. But when you see these avengers superheroes with their stunt doubles you are going to wonder that your whole life is a lie. All the appreciation is received by the actors and absolutely no one even thinks about these stunt doubles. Right from perfectly mimicking mannerisms to striking physical similarities these stunt doubles go to extreme lengths to make the Avengers superheroes look as badass as they are and that includes risking their own lives for it.

So here we have a list of Avengers and their stunt doubles who are one of the best action productions of all time!

#1. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and his stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton

#2. Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) and his stunt double Anthony Molinari

#3. Chris Evans (Captain America) and his stunt double Sam Hargrave

#4. Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man) and his stunt double William Spencer

#5. Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) and his stunt double James Young

#6. Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and his stunt double Aaron Toney

#7. Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and her stunt double Heidi Moneymaker

#8. Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and his stunt double Paul Lacovara

#9. Dave Bautista (Drax) and his stunt double Rob de Groot

# 10. Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) and his stunt double Tony McFarr

#11. Zoe Saldana (Gamora) and her stunt double

#12. Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) and his stunt double Dane Farwell

#13. Karen Gillan (Nebula) and her stunt double Kelly Richardson

#14. The stunt double selfie!

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