The more we expect from people or life in general, the more we get disappointed. That’s why getting disappointed from inanimate things as ‘ordering online’ or ‘confectioners fails’ are the least we can get from life. Still, every time something doesn’t go according to how you planned, you somehow get a few shades of disappointment color.

Our cravings for sweets hides in our genetics and we can’t help it our sweet tooth. However, today’s pace of life doesn’t give us enough time to cook all the sweets we want at home, so confectioners offer their help for your money. Not always, the expectations meet reality, just as in the 12 cases below:

1. At least the colors match.

2. “A friend of mine ordered a picture cake and gave the woman a thumb drive with the picture she wanted to use. When my friend went to pick it up, this is what was waiting for her.”

3. Would you guess which celebrity’s face was on the right cake? Yeah, me neither.

4. This cake is bleeding to death and there is no fun in watching nor eating it.

5. The left cake reminds me of childhood bubble gums tattoos. The one on the right reminds me getting sick.

6. Creativity level -100!

7. Is this a monkey version of Elsa? A horse one?

8. It doesn’t look that bad, comparing to the other pictures on this list.

9. It’s not the best cake in the world, but it’s something.

10. “Avada Disastrouvra!”

11. Ariel after gaining +10 kg.

12. Another cake wiped away! Sorry Christian!

13. They say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ What if the cover is mostly transparent?

14. I hope it tasted delicious, at least!

15. “Frankly speaking, it took us a lot of time to understand who was depicted here. Tinker-bell! That’s her!”

Source : Metdaan