One of the signs that your relationship is meant to last forever is when you both are completely at ease in each other’s company. Because, when you fall in love, you love that person as a whole, warts and all. This means that your better half can find you appealing, even in your sweats. Here are 12 such gross things that all couples do when they’ve been together, like, forever:

1. Going Native

In the beginning, it was all about creating an impression with those smooth, waxed legs or a clean-shaven face, just for a date. But, with time, couples discover that a few outgrown hairs here or there do not really call for a dying need to shave.

2. Pass Wind In Each Other’s Presence

Of course, farting is natural, you’d say. If so, what made you hold it back when you guys just began dating? Once couples settle down in their relationship, they’re completely at ease with letting off some steam (pun intended) every time things get too hot to handle – in the stomach that is!

3. Discuss Detailed Dump Schedules

And why should discussing poop be considered gross, you might ask? We agree. Especially since one of you or both, are the ones contributing to it through your amazing culinary skills. So, when one starts frequenting the loo more often than usual or the other has trouble shedding his/her dump, it calls for an emergency-level discussion in the living room.

4. Keeping The Loo Door Unlocked When In Use

When a partner never locks the toilet door from inside while using it, it only means that he/she is expecting the other to pop in at any time during ‘the moment’. They know for sure that one of them will always need the other at exactly the same time when nature calls!

5. Kissing Even In Sickness

Couples go through so many highs and lows in a relationship and yet remain unstoppable. So what is a mere little sickness, in comparison? When in the mood, nothing can stop the two from kissing each other; not even the overbearing smell of medicines. Precaution? What’s that?

6. Weight Gain Is A Non-Issue

Earlier, hitting the gym every day to get those perfect abs or fit into that lovely favorite dress was what relationship goals were made of. But later, a little amount of fat here and a few ‘love’ handles there are viewed as a ‘healthy’ addition of love in a long-term relationship.

7. Burps Get Louder

If farts are in, how can burps be out? Earlier, a partner would wait for the other to get on a call or excuse oneself and head to the washroom just to let out that loud burp. But as a couple grows into each other, burping doesn’t require such excuses. And the bonus, you say? The significant other joins in too, in a healthy competition, to make the loudest burps!

8. Don’t Mind The Morning Breath

It’s as if a duo can totally abandon the teeth-brushing routine if they could. Who’d want brushing to interrupt the beautiful moment where one rolls over to kiss the other ‘good morning’ in bed; morning breath included!

9. Sharing… Almost Everything!

For couples who are together for long, sharing is not limited to swapping tees and jeans. From toothbrushes (did we hear an ewww?) to boxer shorts (or a lovely awww?), they’ll share almost everything.

10. Love Each Other’s Smell

Couples, who have been with each other for some time, love the way their partner smells. It makes him/her long for the other. So, while he’ll love smelling her pillow long after she’s out of bed, she’ll secretly smell his shirt just before she puts it back on the hanger.

11. Picking Those Underwears

And by that, we don’t mean the brand new ones. A pair that has lived together long enough doesn’t gross out anymore on finding a pair of dirty undies on the floor. For all you know, they might actually pick them up, wash them clean, and line them out to dry.

12. Hair, Hair, Everywhere!

They are on the pillow, in the kitchen sink, on the bathroom floor, stuck to your favorite shirt, or fallen on that silky blouse. Couples who’ve been with each other for a long time soon learn to co-exist with their significant other’s hair as well.

If this list has cracked you up, then we’re sure that you’re already at some or all of the above-mentioned stages. This means that your relationship has lasted quite a while now. Do share some of your own experiences and add them to the comments below.